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Google’s 3rd Penguin Release

by bergstromseo

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Google remains one of the preferred and most trusted search engines. This industry leader, continually surprises and amazes its users, analysts, and even critics. To resolve the issue of disrupted search relevancy throughout the web due to some misleading practices, Google executed certain measures to better control this problem.

To prevent poor websites’ deceitful acts and prevent them from achieving higher ranks, than more deserving websites, Google launched their Penguin Update. It may be remembered that the first Penguin update was launched last April 24, 2012 wherein this new algorithm traced and penalized sites that were spamming their search results and incorporating other questionable tactics in order to gain higher ranks.   A month after this initial Penguin Update, a second one was launched on May 26, 2012.

Days after Google admitted having launched its 20th Panda Update; Google’s Matt Cutts announced, via his Twitter account, that Google is launching the newest Penguin update.  This update involves a basic data refresh that can fight against low-quality site spammers and it can also influence searches among multiple languages like Spanish, Italian and French.

The industry has termed this update as Penguin 3, since it is Google’s third Penguin Update and they wanted to refrain from using a more complicated version-naming scheme; as was common with their Panda updates. Low-quality sites that had promoted improper techniques will be punished with lower rankings in the SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages to create space for more dependable and deserving websites. Google Penguin and Panda will work together to help those sites that are high in quality to top the Search Engine Results Pages for Google users’ convenience. Moreover, if one really aims to achieve a good ranking, it’s more important than ever before to remember to create high quality, original content to maintain safety in the midst of future algorithmic updates According to Matt Cutts, Penguin 3 should affect about 0.3% of English-language queries and 0.4%. of all non-English queries.

Within the past few months, there is no doubt that Google is really making a great effort to lessen the incidence of spamming and promote significant web content by releasing various updates. Soon, Google may launch more updates for even more, fine tuning and experts believe it’s just a matter of when.

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