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How to give your staircase an appealing look

by blackwellalexm

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If you are in the process of building your home or renovating it, one of
the things that you should consider is giving your staircase and appealing
look. A staircase’s prime function is to get household members and guests from
one point of the house to another. But aside from that, it also serves as an
accessory that the guests first notice when they enter your home. Thus, you
should include the staircase in your plans of building or renovating your home.
Make sure that they are study enough and the balustrade design that you will choose for it
would match the theme that you want to achieve. Accounting the balustrades that
you will mount up along your staircase will make it look complete. Below are
some factors that you have to look at to ensure that your stairs will be
splendid and good looking:

Consider the material of the balustrades

The balustrading system that you
will choose can greatly affect the vibe that your staircase will emit. For
example, a balustrade system that is made of wood can provide your place with a
classy and traditional look. This is the material most chosen by home owners
who would like to attain a rustic vibe to their place. Meanwhile, glass
balustrade is for those who have a modern lifestyle. Having glass balustrade
system in their place is just a reflection of their preferences. Some glass
balustrades even have etchings on them that may better imply the home owners’
sense of taste. Steel balustrade, on the other hand, is for people who would like to achieve stunning
and timeless appeal for their homes without overlooking the best possible
security and protection for the whole household. Comparing it to wood and
glass, steel is the strongest and longer lasting one. Many home owners prefer
his balustrade type because it can promise unparalleled service to its users. Each
balustrade type has its own pros and cons as well as different ways of
maintaining them.

Mix and match materials

While it is wiser to just acquire
a steel balustrade system for your staircase, you still have the option to use
other materials. For example, if you think that it is a glass balustrade that
best suits your taste but you are worried about how breakable it can be, you
can look for a design that has attached steel
and frames for your
increased protection. You can easily grasp on these handrails to avoid cases of
slipping or tripping. Mere frameless glass balustrades are nothing but décor
and adding handrails could provide the function that they are intended for. Moreover,
steel handrails look good when mixed with glass. It also guarantees that your
glass balustrades will not easily shatter into pieces after it has accidentally
been banged or hit while you move around furniture pieces in your home.

Work with your theme

See to it that the balustrade
system that you will get for your staircase matches other home decors and
ornaments that you have. Balustrades come in many different sizes, shapes and
colours. They come in simplistic designs and most intricate ones. With the wide
array of handrails and balustrades that are available for Australian home
owners, you will surely find one that will fit your staircase and the overall
look of your home.

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