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Essential Points Need to Understand About SEO

by promos4seo

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Several new things come on every step of SEO to teach and to make you SEO Expert. We can say SEO is a never ending procedure. As SEO is not as easy as it looks. Hence, all new website owners need to understand the following key points when they are ready to commence with their new SEO campaign.

1. Long Term Procedure

SEO is a long term procedure that takes time and increases in momentum with time, no matter how much off page work you do. If you want to drive number of visitors on your website now, then you are definitely going to be deeply disappointed.

In this matter, What you need to do is a real work, it means content marketing and blogging for your website for a few months. Following these procedures will benefit your website visibility in the long term.

Although some of these posts will get social love while others will hardly make any impact, but each one of those posts will contribute to the overall impact on SEO campaign.

However, most new site owners don’t want to wait for a long time like six months or a year to see the valuable result, but if you want to get real benefit from SEO, it’s going to take time and you should patiently wait for it.


2. Priority to Your Visitors than the Search Engines

The SEO process is meant for bringing more visitors, some of us are always worried due to regular changes in the search engine algorithm. We should not worry so much about the updates of search engine algorithm. The main motive of  SEO is to increase the number of genuine visitors on the website.

To achieve better ranking of the website in search engine result pages we must submit summarized content to different search engines as well as social media websites to inform and educate the readers. This method brings more visitors on your website and adds more links to your backlink portfolio. Social media interaction through various networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin is a good technique to draw relevant visitors to your website by creating more followers.


3. No Secret behind SEO Success

If you want to know the secret of success behind SEO then noted it “There is no magic trick”. Just follow the ethical methods of doing proper SEO work and make sure you are doing it consistently. There is no trick to throw your website to the top.

First choose the keywords you will target and use SEO techniques to rank those keywords to get genuine visitors on your website. Keep checking out the updates of your website using different SEO Tools as Google webmaster and Google Analytics.  

4. Link Building is Eternally


Always remember there is no specific time limit for link building. You can create as many as outbound links as long as you are not creating spammy links.

Everyday thousands of websites compete to be on the top in the search engine results – once your website reaches to the top it doesn’t mean that your website will be there forever. So, keep in your mind that link building is never-ending process.


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