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Sedation Dentistry Offers Options to Deal with Dental Anxiet

by laurindawoolcock

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Our San Bruno, CA Sedation Dental Office treats many patients a year who struggle with dental anxiety.  In fact millions of people struggle with this exact problem, so if you are afraid to visit the dentist for any reason, you are in no way alone.  If you are among the many who are avoiding regular dental exams and treatment, it is important to know that this practice will lead to costly, and uncomfortable treatment.

Sedation dentists specialize in working closely with people who experience dental anxiety.  These professionals have the proper tools and experience necessary to reduce stress, and provide painless and efficient treatment.  Sedation dentists utilize the most recent advancements in sedation dentistry and technology to make you as comfortable as possible.  They perform minimally invasive procedures developed to reduce your discomfort and time in the dental chair.  

For many people suffering from dental anxiety, these factors alone may not provide the peace of mind that you are looking for.  So, what can you do to help alleviate this anxiety and make the right decision to visit your dentist?  Well, it’s important to understand that when you feel that you are not in control, your dental anxiety intensifies.  Below are some useful tips that will give you more control during your dental visits, and help to alleviate stress.

Be open and communicate with your dentist - For many people it’s embarrassing to admit to being afraid.  But in terms of sedation, it is essential for your dentist to be aware of your anxiety so that appropriate actions may be taken.  

Agree on a signal before treatment - In many cases, patients are afraid that the dentist won’t know that they are experiencing pain or anxiety.  This will add to the anxiety, so it is important to establish a signal that will alert your dentist that you are feeling discomfort.  A simple “stop” hand signal is quite common and effective.  Your dentist will know that you are experiencing discomfort and will ease off immediately.

Use a throat spray - Some patients have a very strong gagging reflex.  Again, this factor will lead to dental anxiety.  The use of a sore throat spray applied before treatment may provide the relief needed, and also keep that gag reflex under control during the appointment.

Sedation - Sedation provides the perfect solution for patients who would not otherwise be able to handle dental treatment.  Modern dentistry provides many sedation options for patients.  To discuss these options please contact the San Bruno, CA Sedation Dentistry Office prior to your appointment so that you may know exactly what to expect upon arrival.

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