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Places that Serve as the Breeding Area of Mosquitoes

by maurisegelman

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What annoys you the most? While you outline a couple of things you find infuriating, one thing is sure, among it is mosquitoes. They've been feasting on human and animal blood and making them scratch ever since the age of the dinosaurs. They are pests in every single sense of the word.

A simple fly swatter can do little to put off mosquitoes; like any alien infiltration, you need to aim for the heart: its colony. Eradicating their homes will ensure they don't reproduce and flourish in a certain area again. With that, yard mosquito treatment should target these spots to exterminate more of these inconveniences than a simple fly swatter can. The below sites have one attribute in common: They hold stagnant water.

Swimming Pool

A pool that's managed well will not be infested by mosquitoes, especially if it's treated frequently with cleaning solutions. Pools that turn green, however, are great for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and populate effortlessly. Now, this would be no good for swimming.

Bird Bath

There's no uncertainty in its name; birds are fond of a great rinse by the bird bath, but mosquitoes can also be constant visitors. As it's exposed to the sun most of the time, the water in the bath turns hot enough for mosquitoes to reproduce. Just washing the bath with a good blast of water every couple of days can shut out mosquitoes.

Stopped up Gutter

A clogged rain gutter may not become a big deal for some people except if they see multitudes of little dots whiring over it. With a blocked gutter, all that rainwater has no way to rush down the pipeline, offering mosquitoes free lodgings. As a matter of fact, professional roofer actually highly recommend cleaning the gutter from time to time to prevent the spread of health problems that can be acquired with a mosquito bite. It's a dirty work, but somebody needs to do it.

To find out more on other spots where mosquitoes like to reproduce for a more efficient treatment of the lawn, check out For information on yard mosquito treatment, ask your local contractor.

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