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Take an Egypt Nile trip and feel like the mighty Pharaohs!

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Who would not like to cruise up the mighty Nile River and soak up history? The river which gave birth to one of the oldest civilizations in the world is still a magnet for history lovers as well as lovers of a river cruise. The Egypt Nile trip is one of the most popular tours of Egypt and rare is the visitor who goes away without cruising on the Nile whether it be for a couple of hours or a few days.

 Cruises are anyway the ultimate way to relax as you are on board in one place without having to change hotels, travel constantly, pack and unpack while seeing all the sights and visiting different places. The Egypt Nile trip allows you flexibility as you can explore ancient cities/monuments as much as you like or you can just stay back on the ship and have a relaxing day. When you make your Nile cruise booking you can opt for luxurious quarters or budget ones; there are plenty of options for families and singles also.

The cruise normally originates both in Luxor or Aswan and in Luxor you can soak up the 4000 years old history and see the awe-inspiring Temple of Horus and the Temple of KomOmbo. Your Egypt Nile trip will also include a visit to the Valley of Kings and the stunning Luxor temple. In Aswan you will get to see the Philae temple and High Dam. If you begin your Nile cruise in Aswan, then one of the most enthralling ways to take a cruise is on the felucca which is a traditional wooden boat with large white sails. You can make a trip to the Elephantine and Kitchener Island or carry onto Luxor on a felucca.

Another impressive way to take a cruise on the Nile is by the Dahabiya. This is a colonial style, elegant sailing boat which wealthy Europeans used to ride across the waters in the early part of the 19th century. The Nile dahabiya trip will allow you to make stops at interesting excavations and temples including those which are not on the normal tourist map. You can look out for dahabiya promotion which will get you a good deal.

If you wish to see more of Egypt apart from the usual tourist attractions, then an Egypt Nile trip is for you as it will let you catch a glimpse of many ancient temples and small villages which are slightly off-the-beaten track. Even if you are less interested in history and keener to relax in luxury, the Egypt Nile trip is the best choice as you can chill out on board while partaking of all kinds of food and beverages and being entertained by any of the ample options provided by the cruise. Once you set sail on the Nile you will realize why the ancient Pharaohs preferred surveying their kingdom in this way!

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