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There Is A Large Range Of classic Festive Tunes

by billywood423

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Christmas is all about creating the right atmosphere. There’s a whole host of ways to set the scene. Mistletoe above the doors is a classic, although it might be one to avoid in the workplace and in shared accommodation... Holly is a nice alternative, seeing as it’s just as festive but doesn’t force awkward pecks every time someone passes under it. The classic palette of green and red will go nicely with christmas decorations too. A roaring log fire is optimal, but those not living in the lap of luxury should just crank their heating up and make sure that their house is warm enough to offer some relief from the bitter chill of outside. A beautiful lady is, of course, essential so those that are unlucky in love at this time of year should look into the local escorts and see what radiant beauty they can find to keep them company.

The thing that no one ever really seems to talk about is the music. Music is an essential part of christmas: it sits in the background for much of the time, but it gives a much needed ambiance and subtly influences how everyone is feeling. Those stuck for inspiration should have a quick read of this list to make sure that they get the most out of their stereo this festive season.

1. All I Want for Christmas is You
17 years after release, it’s still just as popular, serving as the track of choice for everyone from boozed up students to middle aged couples slow-dancing beside the tree. It has also enjoyed a resurgence since it was featured in an iconic scene of Love Actually, which melted the hearts of the nation.

2. Santa Baby
Santa Baby is a bubbly little ditty that finds itself on everyone’s lips at least once over the holidays. Its sparkling enthusiasm is infectious, and there are few that can resist a smile when it’s playing.

3. White Christmas
A proper christmas song: full of snow, good tidings and happiness. It’s one of those songs that makes people feel all fuzzy and warm outside, which is rather ironic given its subject matter. Especially relevant when you consider how long it’s been since Britain has had a real white christmas.

4. Fairytale of New York
The gruff, smoke filled male voice, contrasted with the bitter feminine one. The angry exchange between a couple over what is meant to be the happiest time of the year. The slow decay of dreams and lives, crumbling to the point where they’re nothing but rubble. That doesn’t seem like the recipe for a great christmas song, yet somehow it works. It’s probably because it’s refreshingly dark and gritty, which forms a nice contrast to most others tend to sugarcoat things and glaze over all the fights and tantrums that come with the season. It recognises that christmas is as much about drunken uncles and escorts as it is about presents and roast turkeys.

5. Do They Know It’s Christmas Time
It was covered again in 2004 but the original version is by far and away the best. A song that can humble anyone with its sad message and plea for compassion, it reminds the listener of how lucky they are. The christmas spirit is one of kindness and understanding, so what better song to finish this list than one that so perfectly captures the need for empathy?

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