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Direct Debit Portal: Setup with Experts in Business

by mikerowland

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Direct Debit has gained immense popularity in recent years, and many companies have tried to enter into this business assuring that they can provide with the best services. In reality, the perfect setting of Direct Debit Portal can be done only by experts who have been in the business for a considerably amount of time. SmartDebit is one such company that has been working to provide services relating to online transactions as well as Direct Debit since more than a decade and has always had positive feedback from its customers. Setting up Direct Debit services online will be considered an intelligent move because of the increasing usage of internet by people all over the world and also the ease that the setup incorporated in your company’s financial department.


You will have two options to choose from, in-house and outsourcing. In-house would be suitable for those companies that are huge in size and have unlimited monetary sources along with highly skilled personnel to take care of the management of Direct Debit. Outsourcing is a better option to choose because it is less expensive and the burden of performing the tasks would be on the service provider. You will just have to link your Direct Debit Portal with the website of the service provider and relax while enjoying the better flow of cash in the company’s bank account. The service provider would make sure that each and every transaction undertaken by them is summarised and recorded, and a detailed report would be submitted at the end of every month. This will let you scrutinise each and every transaction that had occurred the previous month giving you peace of mind.


With the Direct Debit Portal setup, it would be possible to register your customers online and receive payments directly. Each customer would be taken care of individually and any delays in receiving payment from any of the customers would be immediately notified to you through a message or email. The customers are offered with flexibility of payments, and they can choose more than one date for making payments monthly. This variability encourages customers to use this system of Direct Debit because it is convenient to both payer and payee.


Assistance will be provided throughout the setup of Direct Debit Portal, and also during any issues that might arise after the setup is done. The paperless setup might take time of about 2 to 4 weeks, and once done you can get rid of all the paper transactions and enjoy a cleaner setup which is more organised and completely automated.

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