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Do It Yourself: Photo Collage

by anonymous

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When every hourly news sums up to the conclusion of the temperature going down with the economy, three letters have conversely gone up in popularity – DIY. Because a wise man would realize that it is silly to pay for labor when it’s cold out and you’ve got to figure out an indoor activity somehow, you might as well be productive and gear up for a Do It Yourself project.


Since the holiday is still around the corner – literally, you see Christmas lights when you walk a block or two around the corner your neighborhood. And even when you don’t, your tight jeans remind you of the Christmas that has been. We think it’s rather appropriate to jumpstart January with artistry in picture-perfect memories.


To make a DIY photo collage, you will need to revisit some mental input on the whereabouts of these tools – online printed photos, matte mod podge, a canvas, and brushes.


If, however, your left brain fails you, worry not for you still have the right brain to think creatively for alternatives – e.g. a cardboard box covered with gift wrap instead of a canvas, or glue mixed with water instead of mod podge. Plus, you can collect ribbons and glitters to decorate. You can go gaga with choosing materials, just keep one rule in mind – only your scratch can make your favorite masterpiece.


Now that you’re all set, commence operation DIY Photo Collage!

First, play with the pictures and arrange them as desired. You can cut the edges of the photos so your collage takes a custom shape – a heart, a star, or even your name in bold!


Next, brush mod podge over the canvas and glue down the photos. Lay the pictures on the canvas permanently the way you planned for them to look like.


Then, apply a layer of mod podge over the collage to make it shine. And lastly, personalize! Make your art look like a limited edition home décor.


Mission – or shall I say, missions – accomplished. You got a new wall art, survived a boring winter day indoors, and did not cost yourself a penny. That’s like hitting three birds with one stone. And people always take pride of just two – shame!


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