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Chemical Romance- a small pack depicted the stories of all the
efficient co-workers of their band. This band was formed in early
year of 2000, somewhere near 2001and since it has never looked back.
The popularity of this band has touched the extreme. It had come with
bulk of merchandise for the endless list of their fans. Geard Way and
Matt Pelissier are behind the origin of the band. It was started when
the unforgettable cruel act happened in 9/11 attack and the entire
cruelty and the merciful condition has been depicted in the songs of
the band. The forte of their songs is they hit the true human
emotions directly. “Skyline and Turnstiles” was among the most
popular song that was made during this time. Another set of popular
members, Gerard Way and Roy Toro had accompanied after this song and
the rest is history. The sun of their prosperity rise since then and
to add more glory to it they signed an agreement with Eyeball


their merchandise did well they shifted to internet world and
published the entire series in it for without any charges. This not
only helped their existing fans to grab their entire music piece but
had also won endless new fans. Then did other album such as “Three
cheers for sweet revenge”, followed by the most successful “The
Black Parade.” Panic
at the Disco
is another best piece which is beating the floor.
Till now they had won enormous fans by their rocking music and the
journey is still continued to earn more and more fan.


is another band that started their journey in 2003 with 4 band
members. They have added a new series to the rock music by their
exclusive work. One of their recent songs had been used in a
Hollywood movie. This song depicted the breakup of a relationship but
it was reflected in some other pattern in the movie.


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Rock offering most popular geners of rock music which made its way
into the youth souls and hearts . It includes some geners like
At the Disco, Halifax,
Chemical Romance

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