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What to look for when shopping for lube trucks

by Daniellewis

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Wherever heavy machinery is in use, for example at construction sites, road works, factories or mines, you will always find a lube truck nearby. A lube truck is vital for purposes of servicing mechanical equipment like heavy duty trucks and excavators that can certainly not be shuttled between a servicing center and a worksite on a frequent basis. Lube trucks are available in different sizes and are outfitted according to a client's particular needs. They are however neither cheap to buy nor cheap to maintain. Therefore, before purchasing any oil truck for sale, it's advisable that you take some time to consult construction experts and do a thorough analysis of your needs because a buying a lube truck is definitely going to be a considerable investment.


Before settling for an oil truck for sale, there are several important factors that you should mull over. The most important factor when deciding on which truck to buy is the size and capacity of the truck vis-à-vis the scope of your project. Many buyers drop the ball when it comes to the capacity of lube trucks they buy. It is absolutely important that you buy a truck that is perfectly suited for your project because if you, for instance, buy a truck that is too big, you will not only sink more money into it but you will also have a lot of idle capacity going to waste. This will definitely not be good for your bottom line. On the other hand, if you skimp and buy a small truck with little capacity, you may not be able to fully service your equipment to the required standards. This can result in costly delays and equipment downtimes. Since it's not always easy to find the perfect oil truck for sale, you can always have a truck custom-made to fit your requirements.


Something else that matters is the design of the trucks. Again, it's hard to find a truck that is designed exactly as you'd want but you can have one custom-built to suit your exact purpose. You can, for instance, go for an enclosed truck, an open truck, or a truck that's partially enclosed, depending on the environment you will be working in. An enclosed truck will make for a good choice if you'll be working in areas with very harsh conditions like very low temperatures or serious sandstorms because it'll effectively protect your equipment and personnel.


The equipment and materials that will be carried aboard the truck should also guide you as you think of design. For example, do you intend for the truck to carry its supply of fuel? If you do, you must factor in considerable space for a fuel tank. You will also decide whether various lubes will be housed in storage tanks onboard the truck or be supplied by separate vehicles. Then you also have equipment like pumps and hoses and the power source required to run them. The truck can power everything onboard or you could have a power generator installed for that purpose. All these and other considerations will guide you as you plan for the structure of your lube truck.


Ultimately, it's important that your choice of lube truck be determined by the scope of your project and the specific maintenance needs. Expert guidance on the matter will benefit you tremendously.



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