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Craigslist Ads-Avoid Being Ghosted When Posting

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Craigslist is the best to improve the business. A stable struggle for online marketers is discovery free advertising sources that manufacture quality traffic to your website. Craigslist (CL) is quickly becoming a popular venue to advertise your home based business.

There are some options to post on CL that do require a fee, such as Job ads. However, the classified ads are free to post on a variety of goods, services, sales and even personal ads.


Although the Craigslist site is not flashy by any means compared to something like eBay, Back page it is definitely effective at driving traffic to your site. So how are you going to achieve this? is doing a marvelous job of preventing classified ad spam on their site. They have created software that monitors your ads and searches for explicit qualifications that allow your ad to be visible or "ghosted."

Ghosting is a term that refers to what happens when CL says that they accept your ad, but then you go to search for your posting and it does not show up. This is called being ghosted. There are all kinds of techniques that are being utilized to try to overcome the CL crawlers. We will take a look at a few of your option to avoid organism ghosted.

How to Avoid Be Ghosted

The most significant thing that you can do to avoid person ghosting on is to have several throwaway emails that you use to post your ads. This is one thing that the Craigslist software is monitoring for. If you post 50 ads in one day using the same email address, you can be guaranteed that they email address will be ghosted. It is best to only post about 10-15 ads to each email address and then use a different one.

Another more obvious technique is to randomize your ad copy. Just as with emails, you are going to have to create new subject lines and ad copy on a weekly basis. This will ensure that your classified ads become visible as new, new content to Craigslist.

Craigslist also ghosts ads based on your IP address. Every processor has a unique IP address and you have to find a way to get approximately this issue. There are "Hide My IP",” Hide My Ass” or other software’s that you can pay for as well as an "Air Card" through your cell phone service. This allows you to disconnect and reconnect to your server with a different IP address after posting 8-10 ads.


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