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Panda Coins – Know Its Value

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If you are a coin collector, you would surely be interested in knowing the value of your belonging from different countries. Of course, if you are an expert collector, you would have surely gathered them only after analyzing about their value. If you are highly interested in knowing the correct value of your collections, the best option available for you is to get the appraisal done from an expert in this field. Among the different coins belonging to different nations, Chinese coins are highly popular among the collectors and it is known to have introduced in the year 1982as a limited edition.

They were named as Panda coins just because of the panda bear on their heads and every year they are introduced with a different design of panda. During the 2008 version, which was the 26th design in the series an adult panda was featured with a cub munching on some bamboo stalks and this design became a big hit. They are being sold in four different weights and the coin collectors are at liberty to select one and they are also offered in different metals like gold and silver so that collectors, who cannot afford for gold, can go for the silver alternative. Even women belonging to China and even other parts of the world are using these Chinese coins as pendant on their necklaces and even earrings and bracelets are worn by some women.

Some people, who are new to the hobby of coin collecting, might be confused as to where to purchase these panda coins and they can find the right kind of guidance in this regard from the websites specially meant for educational purpose. These websites as from their name are meant for educating the interested people about the different facts and figures about these coins and from the resources available in these sites people can very well understand the different techniques of purchasing them so that they can easily add one to their heap collections.

As mentioned earlier, each year different designs are introduced and even there are people, who have the habit of collecting each year’s model without fail. Besides adding value to their wealth of gold, they can also satisfy their hobby of coin collection so that they can show their collection to their friends and relatives with pride. When they could know the history of the coins in their collection, it will further enhance their level of confidence.

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The Chinese Lunar Coins with 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac have been around since 1981 and since then, coins of all sizes and shapes even, have been released. At you can get the complete information about chinese coins. To know the history of Chinese Lunar coins, panda coins, visit our gallery.

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