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What is the best way to protect your confidential documents?

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The internet has made communication very easy for us. From the comfort of your desk you can now browse for job openings and email job applications for the same, you can apply for a credit card online, if you are a student you can do your assignments and email them to your tutor, and you can even publish a book over the web.


Using the net to do these activities requires that you send important information over the network hoping that it will be received by right person and be used as intended. Unfortunately, sometimes personal documents end up in the wrong hands, either accidentally or through theft. A document can land in the wrong hands accidentally if you select or type the wrong email address when sending your email or if the intended recipient accidentally forwards it to someone else. On the other hand, your documents can be stolen because of your own carelessness. For example, if you are using a public computer and you leave a copy of your term paper on it, someone else can turn it in as his/her own.


Creating your documents in secure Adobe PDF format is one method that you can use to safeguard them incase they go to the wrong people or someone attempts to steal them. You can rely on Acrobat security to protect your documents from being read by anyone else apart from the intended person. Acrobat security enables you to do many things with your documents. For instance, you can lock a secure Adobe PDF so that only someone with a password can open it. If the document is very important and you are concerned about the safety of its contents, Acrobat security gives you the power to prevent the recipient from making copies or printing it. Another thing that you can do with Acrobat security is set a time after which the document will expire and thus no longer accessible. This is certainly an effective security measure for documents that are very confidential.


To make sure that no one alters the contents of a document you can make very good use of secure Adobe PDF. A secure Adobe PDF document cannot be edited except by you, the author, and therefore your documents will be safe from any possible alterations.



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