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Dentists in Salt Lake City Discuss Common Dental Terms

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Dental health, while incredibly necessary, isn't always the concern of hectic people. Since it's easy to neglect dental hygiene between the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is why you need to pair up with a trustworthy dental specialist who can provide for the demands of your teeth. Indeed, the key to good oral hygiene is the cooperation among the professional knowledge of the dental expert and your very own efforts in preserving and protecting your pearly whites.

Given the numerous procedures and operations done by dentists, it's simple to get confused about which treatment you actually need to have. Obviously, you wouldn't need to worry about your medical diagnosis because it's the dentist's work to prescribe a solution to your concern. You may still find it beneficial, however, if you equip yourself with the knowledge of a few of the most general terms used by dentists in Salt Lake City.


Bridges are fixed replacements for missing teeth. They're typically made from precious metals like gold, or porcelain, bound to metal or as is. Kinds may vary depending on how they will be attached to the teeth and on how they are made. Unlike dentures, bridges are basically fixed in your mouth, so there's less stress over them falling off.


Fillings are applied to cover openings in the teeth that may or may not have been caused by tooth decay. They're usually made of metals like mercury, tin, copper, and zinc, which can be blended to form amalgam. The metal mixture then secures the tooth and prevents the cavity from spreading. This is a good solution for addressing pain or discomfort caused by sensitive teeth. You may ask your dentist to find out which filling type is proper for you.

Root Canal

This is one of the most usual (and perhaps most feared) dental procedures. It's done when a tooth is completely decayed, right down to its roots. This operation involves removing all the infection then sealing the root canal, thus stopping another infection. A typical root canal treatment may extend multiple sessions.

Apart from being an useful and active tool for digestion, your teeth can be one of your top physical assets. Reliable Salt Lake City dentists advise that you do your part in preserving its health, lest you risk severe problems in the future. To find out more, see nhs. uk/Livewell/dentalhealth / Pages/Dentaltreatments. aspx.

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