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Basic Info on Meeting EMS Standards

by bartonwilson

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If you wish for your business to satisfy ISO 14001 standards, the solutions are really easy than one might think. And if you think it's difficult to fulfill the EMS standard, you'll be delighted to understand that the one thing you actually need is a mind for the environment. The certification process could be strenuous, but if you excel at this one, an ISO certification could go a long way.

ISO is not an acronym but a name taken from the Greek word iso, meaning equal. ISO is a global company for standardization established in 1946, and is composed of national requirements bodies from 75 countries, from sectors varying from computers to architecture.

The ISO 14001 is the requirement for a business or agency's environmental management system (EMS). It highlights the responsibilities of the company or company to mitigate the effects of its operations on the environment. It also places the obligation on the shoulders of companies to search for ways to streamline efficiency while satisfying "green" laws. For the record, ISO 14001 is merely an intro to environmental management. It reviews the details of the planning phase for businesses and firms' EMS.

As with other ISO standards, ISO 14001 follows the reliable PDCA cycle: plan, execute, examine, and act. As an instance, have a look at Heineken's recent effort to try to find a green option to their beer packaging. They had a plan, which they put into practice, examined the outcomes, and considered a number of methods to enhance them.

The plan called for an open innovation platform─ individuals would submit their green concepts for the future of Heineken's product packaging. To help commited the contestants to the goal, $ 10,000 was up for grabs for whoever could possibly come up with the most innovative and environmentally-friendly concept of packaging beer. Soon, the entries started pouring in. Heineken reported that the many workable ideas it got was 600 higher than the estimated average. The beer business just recently introduced a different contest─ for documentaries.

The importance of EMS may not be highlighted enough, even with the cornucopia of information all over the Web. If you need to know more about ISO 14001, you may discover a simple description of its crucial concepts at the web page of the United States Environmental Protection Agency at

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