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The Ease Of A Hot Tub Cover Lifter

by spacovers

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Whether you’re just in the process of buying a hot tub or spa or if you’ve owned one for a while you may be wondering whether a hot tub lifter might be an accessory that will make your spa time more enjoyable. What is a spa cover lifter? Simply put, it is a metal bar that is shaped like a large U-shape. The spa cover lifter goes through the center of your spa and when you’re in the process of using your spa you will fold the hot tub cover over the bar and then it’s easier to push it off your spa. A spa bar lifter works well, especially if your hot tub cover is not overly heavy.

If you’re trying to decide whether a hot tub cover lifter is right for you because your hot tub cover is too heavy to manage, be advised that this accessory will not really help you in that instance. With the hot tub lifter, you will certainly be able to remove the cover but it will only help you once you’ve been able to get the cover up and over the lifter in the halfway point of the spa. If you’re having troubles getting the hot tub cover removed, this accessory is not the one for you.

The beauty and benefit of a spa bar lifter is that it is a perfect place to drape the cover when it’s not in use. If you find you only use half of the hot tub when you’re soaking and don’t want to always have to remove the whole cover, the bar lifter is a perfect accessory. It helps keep the cover out of your way when you’re soaking but keeps it from being dropped off the hot tub and onto the ground where it can pick up dirt and debris. To Get all these covers visit

Also, people who use bar lifters find they are more likely to be diligent in their use of the cover. As any swimming pool or spa service professional will tell you, using a hot tub cover when the structure is not in use is a great way to keep the water clean and bacteria free.

If you’re also looking to make your hot tub more energy efficient using a hot tub cover to keep the heated water trapped inside is a great first step in energy and money saving. Talk to your hot tub professional to find out whether a hot tub lifter bar is right for you. will custom-make the perfect new or replacement hot tub covers to fit your hot tub. Free shipping on all spa covers!

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