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Austin Pure Barre: Because Exercise Need Not be Ruthless

by nicolaservin

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What ideas enter your mind when exercise is talked about? You're probably thinking about exhausting activities that involve a great deal of sticky sweat, strained muscles, and severe fatigue. But not all exercise routines are all about high-impact physical exertions that leave you drained and sore later on. Meet the Pure Barre workout approach.

Pure Barre is a workout plan developed by a choreographer named Carrie Rezabeck. This exercise consists of a combination of weight training, Pilates and aerobics, with a hint of ballet exercise routines. You can now experience the cutting edge Pure Barre in Austin and achieve the versatile and lithe figure you've always dreamed of.

The Pure Barre exercise mainly focuses on making individuals more limber through a series of exercises that target the thighs, abdominals, and hips. With its eponymous usage of a barre-- the handrail ballet dancers utilize for stretching-- it is quite obvious how much ballet has influenced this exercise regimen. Certainly, the exact same leg and derriere-stretching drills carried out on the ballet bar are integrated into a normal Pure Barre exercise session.

The difference with Pure Barre and other exercise routines is that the latter doesn’t involve high-impact steps like jumping and bouncing. Pure Barre specialists believe that such movements are not needed in toning the body, and just exhaust participants unnecessarily. As such, easy yet effective stretching and aerobics make up the majority of every Pure Barre exercise program.

Ballet, which used to be practiced by a very select few, has now become a national trend. In fact, one can even engage in Austin barre workoutsat a neighborhood gym. While there's no shortage of other fitness programs in the city, Pure Barre has actually made enough big waves in the area to spawn a devoted following. It's slowly but surely acquiring ground in the heart of Texas, and it all starts in Austin.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be brutal or physically penalizing to be truly effective. If you prefer a low-impact, more natural-flowing exercise, then you may want to try Pure Barre. To learn more about this innovative exercising technique, see

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