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5 Things that will Improve your Porsche Interior

by anonymous

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Porsche 911 restoration could end up being a challenging thing to do. There are two main reasons for this; one is getting the right parts for this particular model is hard because the Porsche has changed over the years, secondly getting the parts that match with your car’s décor is also quite a task. It is advisable to get a qualified person to help you as you remodel or change parts of your car. The following are ideas that could help spruce up your car’s interior.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is one of the most important part of the Porsche Interiors. It is one of the first things people will see as they get into your car. There are many features you could get with a custom wheel. You could get a wide variety of leather designs with different types of stitching. The OEM leather is best suited for the Porsche steering wheel because it matches the color code of the car’s interior. Consider adding an airbag for your own safety. You could pick a steering wheel with a flat bottom for comfort.

Floor Mats

Floor mats can make your car regain its appealing interior. There are several types of mats to choose from. If you want to avoid shampooing and cleaning them often, because you do not have the time, then an all weather mat is what you should pick. You can pick from many types of mats both standard and aftermarket mats for you car.


Seats are also a very conspicuous part of your car’s interior. Many suppliers will ensure they provide the OEM leather that matches exactly with the car’s interior in order to ensure the Porsche 911 restoration is uniform and appealing. There are do-it-yourself seat covers that are designed to be hassle free when installing them on the seats. They have a design that allows you to simply slip it onto the seat without using any tools or doing a lot of unnecessary work on it. You can also change the seats and pick a seat with a different design.


Bucket Seats  


Bucket seats are some of the most common designs favored by people who love racing, because they can simulate the racing feeling. There are those that are easy to install and specifically made for the 911 model.


Consider changing your car’s pedals. You may change the pedals if you feel the car is not comfortable enough. A different pedal can help you choose something that is more stylish and comfortable and therefore improve your driving experience.


If you want to do a Porsche 356 restoration, you should consult an expert unless you are sure what you are doing. Getting things right is important to avoid losing money and ruining parts of your car’s interior.

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