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Urinary Incontinence

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SUI or Stress Urinary Incontinence is one of the easiest health issues to solve and this is the reason why some people are able to loudly speak about this health condition since they believe that they can get the issue solved by a professional health care provider. Some years ago, this was not the case since people felt highly embarrassed to consult about this condition even to their health care provider. The best thing about this state is that a little bit of awareness about it can enable the people to seek medical attention at an early stage so that they can come out of the problem with some form of exercises and medications.

According to a survey, after attaining particular age in their lives most of the men and women are known to face this state in their lives and women are more prone as compared to men. This is mainly because of the difference in physiognomy of the two sexes. When it comes to women, the pelvic floor muscles perform a wide range of action during intercourse and during childbirth and this is the reason why the muscles around them gets weak as age advances and this is one of the main reasons for SUI in women.
As most of us think, childbirth alone is not the only reason for women facing the problem, there are a wide range of other reasons as well that contributes and they are discussed below:

Age: Age is one of the primary factor and surveys say that almost all women, who are in their mid 30s begin facing the problem in controlling their bladder. This is because of the onset of menopause and decline in interest towards sexual activities. Not only the pelvic muscles, but also the other muscles begin to lose their elasticity at this stage contributing towards urinary incontinence.

Congenital problems: In some incontinence might be due to some birth defects in the pelvic muscles.

Temporary issues: This state can also be temporary in some women due to excess intake of fluids and due to medications taken for some health conditions.

Exercises can effectively handle this condition and continues practice of these exercises alongside using urinary incontinence products can enable women to protect themselves from embarrassment.
A wide range of urinary incontinence products are available in the market and women can select the one that will be suitable for them after consulting with their health care provider.

Incontinence in Women
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