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Historic of Indians and Arabs

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Bird Sanctuaries in India is one of the greatest and elite place, are bestowed with enriched flowers other than birds, special trees, herbs, plants found in this place. One of the most important things is that all the individual and faunas are available in their trust state, completely intact with hustle bustle of human turbulence. The best thing about the place is that it is arranged with up to date communications and connected with all means of transportations. Approximately 1250 different species living together in a diverse climate of India. Thousands of the rare and highly endangered species come in winter. Hence there are many categories like the famous are kumarakom bird, Bharatpur bird, Sultanpur etc.

The surroundings is rugged with high hills and deep valleys and Kaigal and Kaundinya are two beautiful streams, which flow through the place of safety. India makes prime and the best choice. People of Dubai love to visit old buildings of this city, mostly you will find in musandam dibba or also enjoy  Desert Safari Dubai trip. You will see old mosques that are now upgraded with bricks and paint. History of Arabs is interesting, the Dhow cruise Dubai boat is the tradition that is followed by locals as they believe that their ancestors use to travel on this boat. Historical places of India is the home of tourist attraction of all type like ancient temples, historical monuments, world class architectures, the world famous TajMahal, India gate of Delhi, beaches and so many others. If these are separated by the region, there is a lot more in north India which includes TajMahal of Agra built by Shahjahan. India is an ancient country rich in monumental heritage. The famous monuments always merit a visit, because they are the speaking stones of India's reliable architectural and chronological details. Some of the unique monuments that form an primary part India's historical heritage are , QutubMinar, Red Fort, Konark temple, Agra Fort, Ajanta caves, Humayun's tomb and the walled city of FatehpurSikri. India is known as a land of diversities because of its many cultures, religions, and languages. India’s historical monuments show the unique craftsmanship of the Mugal Period. Its many different regions differentiate the glory of India. Indian festivals are celebrated by the heart and soul. India is a land of many cultural aspects.

Places to see in Chennai with its historic attraction and buildings, long sandy beaches, cultural and art centers and parks, Elliots Beach is in the Besant Nagar suburb of Chennai. Sometimes called Besant Nagar beach, after the area it is located in. It is popular a place to cool off from the city heat. It is a very nice beach, safe and good place for picnicking. Chennai had a cosmopolitan culture with people feel right to different religious groups living together. Chennai has some exclusive places to offer for shopping. Art and crafts, modern and traditional artwork, antiques, jewellery etc is available in the city. Customary items like piece of paper and palmyra-fiber handicrafts from Tirunelveli, There are three large amusement parks, MGM Dizzee World, VGP Universal Kingdom and Kishkinta and a water sports center, Dash N Splash located in the outskirts of Chennai. The city also terrace a paintball centre.

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