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How to Repair Corrupted DBF File using DBF Repair Tools?

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Are you using MS Visual FoxPro to develop an application in which backend support is provided by a DBF database table? If yes, then are you getting some error message when you try to open the database? If yes, then there could be a possibility that the DBF file has corrupted because of various issues such as virus infections, abrupt or unplanned system shutdown while the database is open, hardware malfunctioning, etc. In such circumstances, you should use in-built methods to repair DBF file. If these methods do not work, then you should use a third-party DBF file repair software to repair the damaged database.


Let us consider a situation in which you get the following error message when you try to open a database in MS Visual FoxPro.


"The fields in table "<table name>" did not match the entries in the database."




The primary cause of this error is that the database table is corrupt. Because of which, you are unable to open the table.

When you open a table that is contained in a database, Visual FoxPro tries to confirm that every field of the database table has matching object in the database. The error is caused when the entries do not match. Such database error is caused by corrupt database or table. Also, such errors are caused because of having incorrect copy of a table (.DBF) in the same directory as the parent database (.DBC).




To rectify this problem, you can recover DBF file using appropriate measures. To do this, the following methods can be used:


  • You can use the VALIDATE DATABASE command to check the integrity of the current database. To do this, the following command is used:



  • If the database is unable to open, then you should recreate the inaccessible database using a previously program created using GENDBC.PRG utility.


If you still are getting the same error message even after performing the aforementioned method, it means that the database is severely damaged. In such cases, you should use a third-party DBF repair software to scan and repair corrupt databases. These highly interactive DBF Recovery utilities are read-only in nature that do not damage the original databases.


The most efficient DBF Repair software that repairs and restores DBF files created in dBase III-V and MS Visual FoxPro 6.0 to 9.0 versions. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000 operating systems, this database recovery software repairs DBF file and restores several database components such as table name, column name, column data type, indexes, primary keys, etc.

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