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Indianapolis IN Mitsubishi Dealers Cope with Wintertime

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3 to 10 inches of snow can descend on Indianapolis throughout the winter months. Snow corresponds to terrible driving conditions, therefore automobile owners have to find ways to be able to drive safely during this time of year. There are 4 primary safety features to ascertain driver's safety throughout wintertime, and some of these are featured in several of the vehicles offered in Indianapolis IN Mitsubishi car lots.

All Wheel Control (AWC)

AWC distributes power to all four wheels assuring smooth driving performance and boosted traction in varying road conditions. Presently, Mitsubishi Motors continues to develop this technology. The new Mitsubishi EVO X has a Super All Wheel Control system that works with a Twin Clutch Sports Shift Transmission where a slicker shifting is delivered via the gears without a need for the driver to step on the clutch.

Active Center Differential (ACD)

A car such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR 2013 with ACD suggests it can smartly vary its engine power to either the front or rear axle, as required. When the auto is in hard acceleration, more power can be concentrated on the rear tires to ascertain enhanced traction. To acquire the max effect of ACD, the motorist can pick among 3 alternatives well-suited to the road surface--tarmac, gravel, and snow.

Active Stability and Traction Control (ASC)

This is a basic safety function for most Mitsubishi vehicles. The ASC assists motorists to maintain control of the car in spite of hostile road conditions and also throughout emergency maneuvers. The ASC ordinarily works with the anti-lock braking system to stop slipping or loss of control by making use of the brakes on specific wheels to ensure the auto shifts to the direction where it's driven.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Traveling on slippery streets make some drivers drive in the incorrect direction which boosts the odds of collision. With ABS, the driver has the ability to retain steering control which stops the automobile from locking when he steps on the brakes in an emergency. As soon as ABS is activated, wheel rotation is modulated and collisions can be averted.

Inquire about these safety attributes from credible Mitsubishi dealers in Indianapolis. Whether investing in a new or pre-owned Mitsubishi automobile, it's crucial that the vehicle has most, if not all of these. To know more, browse through

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