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The Variations in Fur Coats for Ladies and Fur Coats for Men

by joelsalmon

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It's effortless to differentiate if a fur coat is made and made for a man or a woman. There are times, however, when the difference is so subtle that telling them apart can be quite a challenge. If you cannot determine whether the fur coat you're looking at is for a man or a woman, right here are a few pointers that can help you figure it out.

Tip # 1

Check the coat's tag or label. This is the simplest answer to this problem. If the tag discloses the name of a company that solely makes fur coats for ladies, then you have your answer. Do an immediate search on your smart phone if the brand is something you're unfamiliar with, as the brand's web site may help you settle this problem.

Tip # 2

Inspect how the coat is modified. Fur coats for ladies are normally slimmer, more fashioned at the waist, and have a bigger chest area to accommodate the curvier figures of women. Men's fur coats on the other hand, usually have much longer width in the shoulder area and longer upper bodies.

Tip # 3

Inspect the buttons on the coat if it has any. Try the coat on, button it up and follow to which side you button on. Men's fur coats will generally button on the left side, while those for ladies will button on the right side. If the coat has zippers instead of buttons, then concentrate on the previous ideas.

Tip # 4

Observe the color of the coat. Although males and females are free to choose whichever color they wish their fur coat to be, those made for women typically are available in a larger variety of colors. So, if the fur coat you're looking at additionally comes in a collection of bold and bright colors, possibilities are you're looking at a fur coat for ladies. Colors for guys's fur coats are typically more neutral and subdued.

As with any type of purchase, make the effort to ensure that the fur coat you're buying is truly for you. Bring a stylish colleague along so you can have somebody's advise on whether the fur coat compliments you or not. Learn how to tell genuine fur from bogus fur by going to

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