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Compensations of injured Workers in Florida

by jhonmagno

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Work-related injuries are classified as any harm that took place while in the course of employee related duties. Causes of work-related injuries include catastrophic accidents, repetitive diseases and stress related injuries.

Employees who were suddenly injured from work can immediately report the accident to his or her company to seek the proper medical treatment from an authorized medical practitioner.

However, did you know that your employers can be held liable if they refused to provide any wage replacement and medical benefits for your injury? This mandatory employee’s right is called Workers’ compensation.

The Purpose of Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation are series of laws that highlight specific benefits that each employees are entitled if they have been injured while on duty. Every state has their version of workers’ compensation law. Every businesses and companies in Florida must abide by the rules by getting an employee’s compensation insurance form.

According to Atty. Mike Celeste, experienced Florida personal injury lawyer,the main purpose of employees’ compensation laws is to make sure that workers are able to continue receiving fixed monetary support without having to file litigation claim against their employer.

On the other hand, the employers are also protected by the law because employees can only receive a specific value of money. This also avoids workers to sue their co-workers in most cases.

Lawyers want to make it clear that when you file a workers’ compensation claim. You are simply asking for any medical benefits and support, not filing a lawsuit against your employers.

Valid Grounds for Worker’s Compensation Claim

Worker’s compensation claims usually takes place in the civil courts. In addition, you can seek third party compensation of ever your injured in a manufacturing plant or machinery. Some of personal injury attorney in Florida encourage injury victims to file a third party suit so that they may be able to recover any compensation payments.

Below are valid grounds for worker’s compensation claims:

Work-related stress injuries - These are any injuries resulting from mental and physical strain caused by increasing work demands. In some cases, this condition can also lead to disabling mental condition of a supervisor’s constant harassment.

Diseases acquired from work - If employees are constantly exposed to harmful elements and toxins at work that progress to disturbing elements like lung cancer.

Office-related injuries - These injuries usually takes place during lunch breaks, lunch hours and company-sponsored events like company outings. These injuries are also caused by company facilities.

Aggravating pre existing conditions - Examples of this injury may include back injuries and fractures. You can get claim from these cases even though you don’t notice the pain from the injury until it already takes place.

You can find out other procedures and benefits that you might be entitled to if you consult a professional lawyer that can further explain the worker’s compensation benefits.

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