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Achieving Gaming Licence in Victoria

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Want to achieve <a href="">gaming licence victoria</a>? The procedure is not as simple as the applicant may think of. However, if the rules and guidelines are not followed, then achieving <a href="">gaming licence qld</a> becomes extremely difficult. The permit is given by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) authority. Let’s go through the detailed application procedure for gaming licence in Victoria:


The application stage:


At first, the application form needs to be collected. It can be downloaded from the VCGLR’s website. It can also be collected from the VCGLR’s office. Then, the form needs to be properly filled up, attach the required documents, and get fingerprinted. Then, deposit them to the VCGLR’s office along with the required application fee. Note: partially filled form or non-submission of all the required documents will result in rejection of the application.


The documents required to be attached with the application form are listed below:


  1. Current NPC issued only by the Victoria Police (original copy)

  2. Current Credit Statement Report (original copy)

  3. A DD featuring correct Fee amount

  4. 2 Colored photos of the applicant (name should be printed at the back clearly in block letters)


The fingerprints of the applicant need to be taken properly. It will be carried out at the VCGLR office. Never mind, the officials will get the task done in no time and with utmost proficiency.

Fee Structure:


  • Approval for the premise - $5,300.20

  • Operator’s Licence New venue - $2,011.10

  • Listing on the roll of manufacturers, suppliers & testers - $4,893.00

  • Operator’s Licence Bingo centre - $1,917.10

  • Organizer’s licence New Commercial Raffle - $1,873.20

  • Employee’s licence new gaming industry - $150.40

  • Trade promotion lottery permits - $325.80

  • Raffle/Lucky Envelope/Fundraising Events Minor gaming permit - $43.90


When paying in Cheques or Demand Draft, the ‘payable to’ area should feature the following lines “Victoria Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation”.

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