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A Genuine North American Brand: Ford Dealerships in Edmonton

by juniorperrera

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Many who hear of North America would immediately think of the United States without even batting an eyelash. Canada is often left out of the picture, as anything labeled “American” is quickly associated with its famous and iconic neighbor. But there’s no denying the close ties both countries share with each other.

The bond between the US and Canada is evident in their cooperative markets. Long before the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994, or even the 1987 Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement, Canada had already welcomed US businesses within its borders. American automotive giant Ford is no exception, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see established Ford dealerships in Edmontonand such.

Ford opened its first plant in Canada in Walkerville, Ontario in 1904 for the purpose of selling the cars locally, and to distribute them to the rest of the British Empire. Today, the company’s main headquarters is based in Oakville (also within Ontario), and the brand remains one of the country’s most premier car manufacturers. Their scope and popularity isn’t just limited to the Ontario region; one can find an official Ford dealership in Edmontonor in other cities across Canada—and all of them doing very good business.

According to very recent news, Ford is now one of the top-selling automakers in Canada, beating its longtime-rival Chrysler in terms of sales. It’s a good sign of Ford’s status in the country’s market, and it also demonstrates the brand’s enduring popularity. There’s simply no disputing how deeply the company’s influence has taken root in the Canadian market.

Canada has recently seen a trend of pre-owned car sales; it’s perhaps the most affordable way to own a car. Not one to be left behind, Ford supports this development by making the parts of their older models more readily available on the market. Many of their older automobiles also happen to be bestsellers amongst used car dealers, so in a way, Ford wins new customers with their pre-owned cars.

Ford isn’t just solely for the United States. If you live in Canada, and have yet to own a Ford, call your nearest dealer, and choose a car brand that is just as Canadian as it is American. Tips on buying Ford vehicles can be reviewed at

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