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Five Reasons You Should Choose Vacation in Rural Shropshire

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The quiet and peaceful surroundings of rural Shropshire provide an ideal setting to escape the noise, busyness, and worries of the city. Does that entice you to enjoy a country vacation in Shropshire? You may want to consider these five reasons for enjoying that country vacation before you answer.

Wickedly Good Food from Unlikely Sources

One of the real joys of sneaking away for a country vacation is getting to explore the local eateries. When you pull into a farm that offers Shrewsbury caravan storage and start asking where to eat you will get directed to the most unlikely places. Sitting down in a small cafe or pub to sample their local cooking will bring a smile to your face. The food is always outstanding and the service something you can only dream of finding in the city. Just be weary of the dessert. It will be even better than the main course.

Enjoying the Tourist Attractions without Traffic Battles

Hotels are notorious for being in the worst traffic areas. Imagine how enjoyable it would be to wake up in the morning to the sound of roosters crowing and crickets chirping instead of horns honking. When you start your day from a Shropshire caravan storage location in the country, it is relaxing. You are still nearby great attractions like the Chester Zoo, West Midland Safari Park, the Seven Valley Railway and other fun Shropshire locations. The difference is you can enjoy the drive instead of battling the traffic.

Sinking a Hook Into Your Enjoyment

Hopefully, you tossed your fishing equipment into your caravan or motorhome. Your Shropshire country vacation will let you slip away to a local lake to try to catch some clever country fish. You can fish for trout or a variety of course fish. You can even cook the fish over an open fire back at your Shropshire camping area.

The Joy of Nothing

How many times in your busy life do you get to just sit back and do nothing? When you are in the country, doing nothing is natural. You can pull out your yard chair, put your feet up, grab an ale, and relax. Are you ready to enjoy the day of nothing you crave?

Meeting Friends for the First Time

Country air is magical. It turns everyone into friends. You will quickly discover your mates at the Shropshire caravan storage are relaxed, friendly, and ready to visit. This attitude extends to the owners, the workers, the people in the pub, and the surrounding area. Small town and country living has a way of bringing people closer together, even those people they are meeting for the first time. Before you head back home, you will be thinking of all your new acquaintances as friends and looking forward to the next time you will see them.

Drama and high costs are not included in your country vacation in rural Shropshire. You have replaced them with joy, relaxation, and pleasure. You will discover why visitors to the Shropshire countryside like to return year after year.


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John Hendrix is a travel writer and author who writes about various campsites across England. Today i want to share my lovely experience with one of the campsites that i have visited recently. Shropshire Campsite located at Churchfarm, which is only a few minutes from Telford, Ironbridge and Shrewsbury is one of the best campsites in U.K. People who like to travel using a caravan should visit Telford campsite at Church Farms for your next camping. Check out more at

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