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Realizing What a Bamboo Investment Is All About

by sabrinagarza

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What is any type of financial investment strategy which considers not just financial returns but also the well being of society is socially responsible investing (SRI), also understood as "green" or ethical investing. A green investor urges corporate practices that promote consumer security, human rights, and ecological defense, among many others, normally. In easier terms, these investors avoid any type of business involved in tobacco, alcohol, betting, etc., and choose a "greener" investment choice such as a sustainable bamboo investment.

The earliest record of SRI dates back to the 1700s and its earliest adopter was John Wesley, one of the creators of Methodism. In his sermon, "The Use of Money," Wesley described his standard concepts of social spending such as avoid harming your next-door neighbor through your company practices and stay clear of markets that are dangerous to the health of employees, such as tanning or chemical production. Basically, the earliest form of SRI was religiously motivated; investors were discouraged to take part in "sinful" businesses such as firearms, liquor, and tobacco.

There are a number of means to participate in SRI. You can spend via securities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or bonds. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks and suits different kinds of investors. For instance, ETFs permits you to diversify your investment around different sectors while bonds may provide you with tax-exempt income.

Today, SRI addresses practically all kinds of concerns, particularly in environmental stewardship. Among these kinds of financial investments, bamboo financial investments are becoming increasingly popular. Provided the natural homes of bamboo, bamboo investments are considered as high-return and sustainable investment options.

A sustainable bamboo investment incorporates managed forestry with short-term success potentials, making it a dependable source of yearly income. Bamboo investments are stated to deliver returns of investments (Return of Investment) in as short as four years, returning up to 500 % of financial investments over 15 years. One of the few great alternative investments to wood, bamboo is touted to be the option to the world's timber problem.

As the fastest-growing land plant on earth, bamboo can grow up to 25cm per day and reach maturity in as short as 5 years. Comparing it with conventional timber, bamboo can create 20 times more timber per hectare than hard or softwood trees which require 20 years before becoming harvest-ready. And because bamboo grows back even when you cut it down, it offers more sustainable wood supply that rivals the strength of regular timber. To learn more, visit

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