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Various Threats Easily Prevented with Los Angeles Records

by rubybadcoe

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Businesses, particularly big ones, handle hefty amounts of data on a daily basis. The last thing they need is to experience data loss that can threaten their entire operations. There’s no telling when a massive earthquake or a well-timed virus attack may take place, but devastating events like these can cause massive data loss within a matter of minutes.

As such, data protection should be a top priority in any organization. Aside from backing up files regularly, data should be stored in a secure place that is impervious, or at least, well-protected against catastrophic risks. To increase data security, many firms rely on Los Angeles records storage services that involve storing documents as electronic files in sealed areas to protect them from the following threats:

Fraud and Theft

Based on estimates by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, business theft costs businesses an average of $20 billion to $40 billion every year. A common example of data theft is when an individual uses a computer to skim small amounts of money from various financial accounts, assuming these discrepancies were caused by computer errors and need not to be investigated. By keeping copies of your data, you can double check for inconsistencies and other suspicious activities.

Industrial Espionage

This is often carried out in an effort to gain an advantage over one’s competitor. Some businesses in Los Angeles are in constant fear of being infiltrated by a competitor, which can lead to the revelation of their strategies. That's not far from happening, especially with the number of companies operating in the area. By keeping confidential data in secure offsite locations, one can rest assured that his/her ideas are exactly right where they belong.

Employee Sabotage

Employee saboteurs come in different forms and can inflict massive damage to a company's property, reputation, products, and services. In general, employee sabotage occurs due to a person's frustration with the company or a failure to settle differences with a manager or co-worker. Secure records storage in Los Angeles minimizes the damage by providing backups and denying access to unauthorized personnel.

Data loss can send any business quaking to its knees and threaten the reputation it has carefully built over the years. Find a data solutions company to remain protected at all times. Visit DocumentStorage4 for more info.

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