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Amsterdam, A Popular Holiday Destination

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Amsterdam is on a beautiful canal and is filled with historic monuments, museums, and lovely country sides. From Amsterdam's thriving metropolitan areas to the cozy countryside one can certainly keep busy on their trip. Where does one stay when on holiday in Amsterdam? One can split up their time in Amsterdam and stay in the metropolitan area and later they could move to the quaint countryside.

Some of the more popular attractions that one will not want to miss while in Amsterdam is the historic stock exchange. This is the oldest stock exchange in the world. Museums are in abundance and the traveler will certainly want to see the Rijksmuseum, The Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum and the Van Gogh Museum. One attraction that one will never forget and will touch the visitor's heart is the Anne Frank House. Yes, Amsterdam has a red light district, located in de Wallen, with many coffee shops scattered through out; that is cannabis coffee shops. Amsterdam has many lovely canals that call the visitor to the area. There are a number of lovely parks and nature areas waiting for the visitor. Amsterdam has three main canals that were constructed during the 17th. Century. It has over 80 islands and over 1,400 bridges. Most of Amsterdam is a fun place to visit.

Depending on what the visitor likes in the way of weather determines when one visits Amsterdam. The winter months are mild and the summer months are also mild. Neither season is too hot or too cold. The months from October through March are cooler and can be gray and rainy.

If one is interested in the adult nightlife in Amsterdam, they will never be at a loss of what to do. The city has a tram system and one would be wise to learn the system. If you become lost just jump on the nearest tram, they are very easy to use. One of the most favorite coffee shops is the Abraxas, located near Dam square. They offer juice bartenders and wonderful music. The interior is stunning. There is an abundance of lounges and bars in Amsterdam.

Depending on one's budget, there are over 400 hotel accommodations in Amsterdam, from one star to five star accommodations available. There are a number of expensive to less expensive bed and breakfast inns. There are also lesser expensive apartments and flats if your stay in Amsterdam is going to be for an extended amount of time. Depending on what you wish to visit will determine just where you would want to reserve your accommodations. Prices on accommodations plus all the amenities included for each accommodation are too numerous to mention, and again it really all depends on the travelers budget.

Since every traveler has a different budget, and different interests and tastes, they will need to do their research on what their point of interest will be. If they are in Amsterdam to see the Anne Frank House then they would be wise to reserve accommodations near that site.


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