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Plan Your Vacations To Palermo, Italy

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Located in the south of the Italian peninsula, Palermo is the capital city of the Island of Sicily, Palermo has a privileged location facing the waters of Northwest Gulf of Palermo and the Tyrrhenian Sea, factor that might contribute to increase its population each year. Palermo is among the most populated cities of Italy and within the eight more populated all over Europe. However, when it comes to attractions, there are countless treasures to see across the city.


Founded by the Phoenicians, named by the Greeks, coveted by the Romans, developed by the Byzantines and then conquered by the Normans, Palermo has been home to a myriad of ancient civilizations. Fortunately, despite the fact that Palermo was established well over 2,000 years ago, traces of its assorted historical legacy can be found throughout the Sicilian Hub.

The Weather

Finally, one of the greatest parts of visiting Palermo is its relatively static, warm temperatures. With little fluctuation, Sicily’s northern regions are mild in the winter and warm up just a bit in the summer. So you’re free to explore in comfort throughout the day, and to continue exploring as the day winds down. Palermo is noted for its warm evenings, allowing extra time for a nice long driving, or evening stroll before turning in.

The Art

The city’s countless architectural highlights certainly blur the line between functionality and art. Be sure to take the time to wander in and out of the medieval passageways and hidden alleyways of Palermo and as you stroll about the city, enjoy its artistic treasures. No trip to Palermo is complete without a stop at Fontana Pretoria. Located in Piazza della Pretoria, the fountains were originally constructed by Francesco Camilliani in the mid-16th century and were to be on display in Florence.Now, Fontana Pretoria remains as one of Palermo’s limited examples of Renaissance art.

Tourist Attractions

To see some fabulous looking palaces in Palermo you should visit the Arabic styled Zisa Palace in Piazza Zisa and that of the Cuba Palace which has been beautifully decorated in the Arabic style in Corso Calatafimi. Another interesting place that you should visit while you are in Palermo is that of the Cappella Palatina which can be found in the Piazza Indipendenza.Other places of interest include the Oratorio di San Lorenzo, Oratorio del Rosario, and many other buildings showcasing their Arabian, Norman, Byzantinian, French and Spanish architecture, periods of Palermo's history that can also be discovered in the exhibits displayed at the Regional Archaeological Museum.

The Food

Palermo has the perfect remedy – plenty of delicious Sicilian cuisine! Making ample use of the surrounding sea, much of Sicilian culinary tradition combines aspects of mainland Italian cuisine with lots of fresh sea food. Stop into a city trattoria to sample a fish stew, tagliatelle with lobster or stick to a more familiar dish and enjoy Pasta alla Norma, a pasta dish with fried eggplant. Afterward, you should have no trouble finding a small cafe or bakery to top off your meal with an espresso and one of Sicily’s notable confections.


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