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Operation Check for Circular Vibrating Screen

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     After the ending of Circular vibrating screen bearings installation, in order to check the correct installation, you need to check the operation, small and medium-sized machinery can be rotated by hand to confirm whether the rotating smoothly. The items checked may not operate smooth due to a dysfunctional foreign body, scars, indentation, due to poor installation, mount processing poor the uneven rotation torque, the clearance is too small, installation error and seal friction caused the big torque.
     Because  the large machinery cannot be manually rotated, after starting immediately with no load, turn off the power, coasting, check if there is vibration, sound, and if rotating parts have contact, confirm that no abnormal phenomenon, than maker the power running.
     Power operation starts from no load, and slowly raised to the given rated operation. The commissioning inspection matters, whether there is abnormal sound, the transfer of the bearing temperature, lubricant leakage catch and discoloration.The checking of circular vibrating screen bearing temperature is generally known from the shell appearance speculate. However, it is more accurate to directly test the temperature of the bearing outer ring by the oil hole. The bearing operation temperature starts gradually increases, if there is no exception; it is usually stable after 1 to 2 hours. If it is the result of bad bearings or installation, the bearing temperature will rise sharply. Under the circumstances of high speed rotation, the bearing lubrication method selection is an important reason.
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