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The Method of Vibrating Screen Sieve Transformation

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Sometimes, after buying the vibrating screen, you will find that the sieve plate is not suitable for the equipment. It needs a slight modification here Hongxing mechanical technical staff will introduce some knowledge on how to transform vibrating screen sieve plate.
1. The sieve holes is wear into an inverted truncated cone-shaped from cylindrical shape, when sieve is working, materials embedded in the mesh screen are not easy to pass through it and plug the sieve, sieve rate of sieve plate is only about 68% , which seriously affects the effect of grading and dehydration.
2. When a certain bolt of a fixed sieve wear or loose, board makes periodic flexing with the vibration of the sieve, and the sieve constantly beats the sieve beam and keeps playing, so the sieve makes fatigue resistance broken or vibrates the  welding .The type of Vibrating screen sieve transformation:
From the above, the real reason that steel sieve is easy wear and clog are that   steel sieve has a strong rigidity. The polyurethane rubber sieve plate is alternative for the optional steel skeleton of steel knot sieve, which uses gently to overcome the strong. The advantages are as follows.
1. The steel skeleton of the sieve was cast in the urethane rubber, and exposed outside, it fully plays to the performance of the polyurethane elastomer, and sieve and sieve beam implement flexible links in the sieve and sieve beam timing, the first pair of bolt is preload, forming a self-lock, thus ending the loosening of the sieve.
2. Polyurethane rubber sieve plate can produce secondary vibration in the sieve vibration process, which is conducive to the self-cleaning of the sieve, and without clogging the sieve.
3. Polyurethane is high-molecular compounds between the rubber and plastic, and its wear resistance is 3 to 4 times than the manganese steel. The intensity is 3 to 5 times than the rubber. The sieve is antiwear flex, long life, and lighter weight.

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