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The Advanced Design of Hongxing Vibrating Feeder

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vibrating feeder introduction
     Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is also known as the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, it is used to supply materials from the storage into other items evenly or quantitatively to the receiving device, it is necessary equipment that makes automatic flow process, it can be divided into open and closed types. According to requirements, we can produce motor vibration feeder, hopper and conveyor.
Characteristics of electromagnetic vibrating feeder:
Electromagnetic vibrating feeder has simple structure, easy to operate, no need to run, small power consumption; the amount of feeding ores can be adjusted evenly to the mine; so it has been widely used.
     Generally, it is used for loose materials. Depending on the device performance requirements, configuration should be designed to minimize the material pressure on the tank, according to the manufacturers requirements, the effective exhaust port of warehouse material must not be greater than width of Groove one-fourth, the material flow speed must be controlled in 6-18m/min. for large amount of feed material, hopper bottom discharge should be set high enough to stop by mine; In order to not affect the performance of the feeder, protecting the mine must not be fixed on the tank. To enable the smooth discharge of the bin, silo wall angle is best designed for 55-65.
The working principle of vibrating feeder:
     GZD series vibrating feeder is made of feeding tank, exciter, spring support, gears and other components. The vibration source of feeding tank is a vibrator; vibrator is made up of two eccentric shafts andgears. Through v-belt, it driven by the motor drive shaft, then passive gear on the drive shaft rotation axis, active and passive while the reverse rotating makes tank vibrate and the continuous flow of materials, and achieve the purpose of conveying material.

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