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Attract Customers as well as Search Engines with a Right Mix of Content and Infographics

Trust me, not only people love to read information while looking at the images and watching the videos but even Google loves infographics. Of course, creating content that is relevant and offers value to the readers is the utmost priority. But at the same time, it’s of prime importance to actually attract them visually and instigate them to dig through the content.

There has been an ocean of content on the internet lately and of course, no shortage of buzz. In such a scenario when a reader consumes so much of information on daily basis, what really makes a difference is for how long they are able to remember you. The idea is that the content should not only be easy to read and understand but it has to be far easier on eyes. The text posts combined with appealing infographics drive reader engagement. No matter whether you’re making content for your social media page, business website or blogs and directories, text-visual content always wins over just plain text.

What Do the Stats Say?

  • YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world when it comes to videos. Stats say that around 100 million users every week take an action on videos. They like it, try to download it; share it with a friend; integrate it in their social page or recommend it to someone related to that particular field.


  • More than posting text comments, people like images on social networking sites. This shows how much we are attracted to images and videos.


  • On social media, more pictures and videos are shared than text updates. In fact, the statistics reveal that the ratio between picture/video sharing and text sharing is 12 and 1.


  • Images and videos divert more traffic on twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to a specific page than that of text.


  • Websites with attractive visuals and appealing designs drive more traffic than those with plain text. 


What Does Google Hunt for?

Of course, quality content! No more keyword stuffing and inappropriate backlinking; just quality content that compels readers to stay on and dig in. Quality content creation does not only mean delivering well crafted and relevant information. How it is presented plays an important role.

Delivering the best possible browsing experience to the reader is the main focus. Text-only pages may not compel them to come back again and again. Associated images and videos offer higher value to them. Google loves great infographics and thus keeps coming on to your page.

How to Blend Good Infographics with Quality Content?

Infographics need to be wisely used otherwise they may diminish the actual message. They must give something quick, original and unusual to the readers. Besides this, they must be in synch with the text message to deliver the right point to the customers.

The first requirement is to get unique text content. For this, you can consider availing professional assistance. There are numerous content writing company or web development firms that offer such services. Outsourcing to countries like India can prove to be extremely cost effective.

The second step is to create right infographics that can enhance the value of text message. The experts can blend quality text with infographics. Again outsourcing comes as a cheap option.

However, if you want to have a local outsourcing experience while gaining from the difference in scale of economies, it’s better to look for a company headquartered in US with a development facility in India. Leverage the power of infographics and keep tickling the neurons of your customers.


Kuntal Mehta (KJ) is the managing partner of Seashore Partners, a web development, e-commerce solution and SEO company headquartered in New Jersey, United States. In this article, he discusses the importance of using infographics in text contents to attract readers. Additionally, he suggests companies to avail services of a professional content writing company to create a unique copy of content. It can then be blended with appealing infographics.

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