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How to buy music online

by mp3caprice

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Music surrounds us every day and all day long. Even if you are not listening to it yourself, you’ll surely hear it in a cab, bus, at school or simply passing by some shop. Many companies even use popular songs and music videos to attract people in their advertisements. We’ve got used to it so bad that sometimes a single day without your favorite song or group makes you feel as if you lack something. It doesn’t matter where you are: whether you’re jogging, riding a bike, skating or going in a subway or just cruising– some good music on your phone or cheap mp3 player always lets you distract from a hard working day and helps to relax.


The age of Audio-CD -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -   

Few years ago, when internet was not as widespread as it is now, one could buy mp3 music only on disks or vinyl plates. You could buy such disks in music shops or by phone (there were sometimes some TV programs, advertising collections of famous musicians). Music back then was written on Audio-CDs. They had great sound quality but one thing they lacked was their memory capacity, as Audio-CD format was very space-consuming. Indeed, a single CD could contain only up to 10 songs (a CD has 700Mb of space and a single minute of a song in Audio-CD format was about 10-15Mb). Of course, quality comes first but if you buy every album of your favorite band, you’ll spend a lot of money and you’ll have quite a stack of CDs at home.

At that time, music shops weren’t the only places, where you could buy music, movies and video games.Related blogpost Looking for Cheap Mp3? We Have It!.. There were some enthusiasts that had an access to the internet, downloaded music, from there, wrote it on a CD and sold them. That was one of the ways to get cheap music but it was illegal, and considered to be piracy. Some people had a great collection of music or films at home and when they got tired of it or had to move to another place, they made a big garage sell, another way to buy things at a reasonable price. Others opened their own little shops, sold music CDs and stuff, but took care of new stock themselves.


Present days

Today, the era of Audio CDs had almost passed. They still exist, but are struggling with DVDs, Blu-Ray disks and global digital market.Add me to friends cheap music. Music can be now bought at many web-sites; it can be delivered to you by mail, or downloaded directly on your computer or even to your phone. But, since music, filming and gaming industries are constantly fighting with piracy, they must literally fight for every customer by constantly improving their services, provide reasonable offers and discounts.


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