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Electric Cigarette Proponent

by elynieva

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It’s not hard to find several people striving to totally abandon this habit, yes the habit of smoking one cigarette after the other is something that is on its verge of killing people at the risk of their own health which they are well aware of. They have been trying to use several alternatives; be it gum patches, smoke quitting programs etc., but they simply didn’t seem to work out for them. They simply can’t when one is not willing to put their over powering willingness into it.

Personal Battle

Out of the lot many struggling with this battling personal situation, less have transitioned to electric cigarette. The innovative and revolutionary new state of the art ideas that have captured the hearts of lot many around. At the very outset one might find it as equally harmful and no hard hitting aid to quit smoking but several have made an effort to at least give it a shot. Giving them a big tap on their back is what one must proudly do. At least they have tried and when you actually see them after a period of time, you will get to know that almost a quarter of a group would have totally abandoned smoking.


Advocacy of electric cigarette would surely give one a brief pause to just think why a device that has the same look and feel and is serving the same purpose is being favored much. The matter of the fact is that may around are quite conscious of leaving this habit but have not been in a capacity to get rid of it. Electric Cigarette is a tool that is at least is giving them an option to reduce the level of nicotine intake and the best part is that they can actually work towards having immense control on what they are doing. Smokers can set up a proper plan and gradually reduce the amount of nicotine as doing so drastically has proved to be extremely harmful for one’s health. The struggle is quite hard but those who have really dived into it have come up as shining stars.

The users out there are claiming this product as a life saver. Is it indeed one? We have been watching the press releases and seeing several FDA regulations coming up time and again to ban its destruction. In the midst of this battle and regulatory struggle the point one needs to ponder over is the number of people who are quitting smoking on its basis. 

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