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Rain Water Harvesting – The Basic Need for Tomorrow

by anonymous

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Rainwater harvesting is became a very common now a day. As we know water is the most precious thing provided by the nature to us. As we all know our earth is surrounded by water by three sides, besides it we don’t have enough water for our basic necessity that is for drinking.

The water level of earth’s surface is decreasing day by day that is why many of the parts in world is suffering from scarcity of water. This problem is becoming tremendously bad because of our careless and thanklessness. We the human being is the only creation of the God which have all sense as we can think and do the exact things at the exact time or save things as well as using them properly.

We waste the most precious thing without taking any interest to just think about the harmful effect of our deeds. This is the only cause of why we are facing the problem of water scarcity. As we all know that water level decreased tremendously in recent years. If we don’t make out our thoughts for using water than, it will cause a very harmful effect as we lost our water. It will snitch our precious resources from us.

As a matter of fact, if we don’t become serious about eliminating or searching for the solution for saving our planet from the biggest problem that is water scarcity. So we have to be more serious about it. First of all we have to feel the importance of water in our life as we don’t live without water. It is the most necessary thing for us to live.

The effective method of saving water

 The most effective method of saving water is Rain Water Harvesting as it is the most simple and cheap method of saving water for our future generation.

Rain Water Harvesting is commonly known as RWH. It is the simplest way of collecting and storing along with purifying the rain water. It is the most natural source of water. We can save the pure and soft tiny rains drops to make them use in our daily life or we can store it for the future use.

The Benefits of Rain water harvesting

 There are many benefits of rainwater harvesting. The benefits of rain water harvesting are divided into two parts one is Drinkable and Non drinkable. These benefits are discussed below briefly –


We can use it for drinking purposes, for cooking as well as for bathing too. This water can be used for meeting our basic needs after purifying. After purification it will become useable.

Non Drinkable

This water can be used for irrigation process as it was used in the earlier times. In earlier times people use to depend totally upon the rain water. We can also use rain water harvesting for filling in our swimming pools as well as for toilet flushing, for washing clothes as well as for feeding our animals.

Advantages Of Rain Water harvesting

v  It saves our money expenses we do for paying our water bills.

v  It reduces our dependence on the municipal water supplies.

v  It reduces our tensions caused by any water storage on the roofs.

v  It saves our time we spend for collecting water in any crisis situation.

Rain water harvesting also saves our money for hiring any tankers for water supplies at any problematic situation. We must know the value of this important resource as it is the lifeline for us.  

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