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How the Stock Market Is Easy To Understand

by ukfinances

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Are you new to investing? Do you wish you knew something about a way to invest your money for a more secure future but think you just can’t understand all the ins and outs of the Stock Market? Well, although many people think the stock market is way too confusing and complicated, the stock market is easy to understand.

Yes, there are subtleties involved that can only be enhanced through experience, but that is true with most things; that does not mean, however, that you should be too intimidated to look into the stock market as a way to increase your wealth. There has truly been no other comparable vehicle to long-term growth of wealth than the stock market, and even though there is a lot of terminology to learn and lots of different economic conditions can affect the market (and vice versa), the basic premise behind the stock market is easy to understand.

This is how it works, in a very simple nutshell; for purposes of explanation, lets use an example. Lets say you and your wife both come from a family of shoemakers from Germany. You can repair shoes as well as produce a really decent pair of shoes. So, you open a shoe repair shop together. You make a decent living after a few years of struggling hard, and soon you discover that in the next town over, the only shoemaker has closed up shop. You want to expand your business into the new town with the expectation of growing your business even more.

You and your wife meet with a banker and discover that although he is willing to lend you money, you are leery of carrying so much debt. So, you meet with a business consultant and decide to go public. That means, that in exchange for giving up partial control of Smiths Shoes by selling off shares of stock in the company, you get the revenue needed to expand, and you have no debt.

So, why would anyone buy shares of stock in your company or any other company, for that matter? Well, quite simply put, every shareholder now owns a small piece of Smiths Shoes. They want to invest in your ability to make even bigger profits than you already have in the hopes that your success will also become their success. As tiny little owners, they share in your growth by having the value of their shares of stock increase in value, so they can now sell them for more than they paid for them; hence, they have profit. You make money, and they make money. And that’s the basic idea behind the stock market, and the stock market really is easy to understand, right?

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