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Wood Inlay Banding: Making of the Square Pattern.

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Wood inlay banding can be prepared in the workshop. Woodworkers can create glorious wooden inlays for projects such as fine furniture, customized photo frames, or personalized jewel boxes. This article deals with woodworking tips and techniques for making the square banding inlay pattern. However, the woodworking techniques clearly reveal every stage of creating wood inlays so that you can easily do it yourself in your own workshop. No matter if you are an experienced craftsman or just a beginner, you can create a wonderful wood inlay banding to decorate your fine woodworking ventures.

To construct wood inlay banding for the square pattern, we start by laminating three strips of wood organized that are of equal dimensions. In this case, we are collecting inlays of maple and walnut. Their complementary wood tones will highlight one another as the square pattern develops. To create the divisions of our wood inlay banding we first set the table near the band saw to 45 degrees. The runner of the tilting band saw miter sled is then mounted on the miter gauge track.

* safety tip for working on wood inlays *: Be sure to set the bearing guide meeting to a low position just above the fence of the sled. Doing so will limit the exposure of the band saw blade to your hands.

·         Place the plastic-coated strip along the tilting bandsaw miter sled fence and make a 45 degree cut at one of the ends.

·         Clamp a stop block along the fence and cut a 45-degree angle at the near end of the stop block .

·         Measure the thickness of the plastic-coated strip of maple and walnut with a Dial caliper. This dimension is equal to the length of our segment to be cut.

·         Position and clamp the stop block in place. Make trial cuts on scrap material to ensure that the length of the segment is equal to the thickness of the plastic-coated strip. Check for precision with a dial caliper.

·         Cut the segments using the written process in the tutorial. Alternate the plastic-coated material after each cut.

Take your time and concentrate on the precision of the cut. Make yourself sure to keep the sled free from sawdust as this can alter the precision of the cut. Some wooden inlay works are very sensitive and they need to be carried out very slowly and precisely.

 How to Make the Squares?

·         The squares for the wood inlay  banding are easily made by matching the walnut and maple wood designs and then obtaining the four miter joints. Lightly sand any burrs if you need to at this time.

·         When you are pleased, it is time to glue up the miter joints. Rubber bands or blue tape can be used to secure that the miter joints stay closed while the glue sets. Our preference is to use white glue. White glue allows for a longer time to work before it begins to set up, and it dries clear.

·         When the glue has set, be sure to use sandpaper  to eliminate any burrs from every side of the blocks.

The usage of wood inlays has increased a lot in the recent past. Wood inlay designs look extremely beautiful, satisfying and are durable and perhaps the best materials for the home decorations.


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