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Finding Apartments for Rent in Delhi

by rentingmantra

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I personally want to move out from my current accommodation, but I haven’t been able to just because I don’t have the time and the energy to go flat hunting. But we can’t procrastinate endlessly. We have to start from somewhere. It is a matter of your house, the place where you want to peacefully retire after a hard day at work.

So I guess first we should begin by doing a review of the area. Seek opinion from people living in different areas as to what kind of an area is the one they live in, how it scores on the security front, its connectivity, its real estate prices, the inhabitants of the area etc. After we have a reasonable idea of different locations, it’s time to shortlist them. Short listing can be done on whatever accounts you wish, such as price, connectivity, security, society etc.

Say supposes if you want a 1 BHK in south Delhi for fewer than 10,000 Rs. Then you can look at Malviya Nagar, Amar Colony etc.

After you have made a mind about the colonies that you prospectively want to shift in, start looking for various advertisements in the colony. Spare a day and ask the local people if they know of any property to let. You can also visit the local property broker who would be in better command of the availability of a flat or not. You can share all your requirements with the broker and he will arrange for a list of available options for you to choose from. Then chose a day at your convenience and decide to visit all of these locations one by one.

When you visit, carefully notice how are the neighbors that the property has, whether the property has electricity/water shortage problem, whether it has adequate ventilation, whether it has a balcony where you can hang your laundry, whether there is a market available nearby, the connectivity of that place from your office and any other factors that will influence the quality of your stay at that place.

After you have seen all the properties, you need to choose which one is better than the others. If you are really confused like me, you can assign points to all the important factors and assign a number to each factor for each property. The one that scores the highest should become your logical choice.

After you have zeroed in on the property, you have to seal the deal. How?

You can share your interest in the property to the broker/landlord and ask them the price and the mode of payment etc. Be sure to negotiate, they can come down by a 1000 Rs too and saving money is just like earning money these days! Then you can bring in all the formalities, like the rent agreement papers and any other legal documents. After you have moved in, be sure to keep yourself in good books of the landlord. Arrogance will only let you be shown the door!


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