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Animated Flicks for the Entire Family

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With the wide variety of the best family movies released each year, it may be a little more difficult for parents to choose which ones are worth your kid’s time as well as yours. Whether you want a movie to watch in theaters or simply view them at home, there are a lot that you will surely find.

However, among all these movies only a few seem worth giving to your child. Gone are the days when you and your kids find pleasure in watching family movies such as Bambi and Lion King. Children now seem more interested on animated flicks such as Madagascar 3, The Pirates! Band of Misfits and Monsters, Inc. With this, it can be tricky for you finding the best animated movies that your entire family can enjoy.

Of course, animated movies of today are becoming more visually entertaining and enjoyable to watch especially with those movies shot in 3D which are a total treat for the whole family. However, looking for a movie as a subject of your movie marathon for the coming weekend is not just a matter of weighing whether that movie satisfies your eyes with its crisp visual effects or lets your heart pound fast with its clear sound effects.

You need to consider also what these movies try to convey and if there is any important lesson it will teach you and your children. Many people had positive reviews on the best family movies of 2012 like Finding Nemo and the epic movie Rise of the Guardians. Not only that these movies are shot in 3D that amazed the kids and their parents, but also because of the moral lesson it brought to the whole family.

Finding Nemo conveys about the unconditional love of a parent to his kid and the obedience of a child to his parents. On the other hand, the Rise of The Guardians is like a reunion movie for all the celebrated childhood characters such as Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, etc. These well-known heroes joined together for the first time to battle against an evil entity and protect the children and their impeccable imaginations.

There are movies like Brave, Ice Age: Continental Drift and ParaNorman that are also intended for the whole family. Sure there are a lot more that you can find with today’s movie selection. And, with this wide assortment of family movies comes the challenge of picking the best animated movies that are not only appropriate for your kids to watch, but also enjoyable for the whole family.

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