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Maintain your carbon bicycle for a cheerful ridingexperience

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Buying any carbon made bike is just like making an investment. Different bikes are made of different materials like steel, carbon fiber, aluminum or chromoly and each material is tested to provide better performance to the rider. Carbon bicycles are the latest entrants in the market. Basic spare parts in these bikes like the frame, handlebars and the rims are made of carbon fiber to provide excellent durability on difficult trails. Carbon is a synthetic composite material made of many carbon sheets together with the grains in opposite direction. It is considered excellent material for various racing bikes as it is light in weight and high on performance factors.

They are hot favorites with most of the leading professional bikers all over the world. However, unlike steel or aluminum, carbon made parts do not bend or deform when damaged, they can suddenly break leading to serious injuries. Hence, it becomes important for you to take good care of your bicycle and its parts for enjoying riding it for years. There are certain things to take care of your lovely carbon bicycle and use it without any damage.

You can start off by reading the owner’s manual thoroughly. Understand all the vital instructions related to the use and care. Check information on torque options, special tools or solutions, warranties, things related to your specific gear and servicing trips. If you are setting up the parts ensure there are no rough spots, dirt or broken metal that could harm the rider in long run. Check for cracks at important joints in the frame and below the seat. This can also happen due to excess torque of the bike leading to cracks at crucial places resulting into damage of the carbon bicycle parts. It is good to use torque wrench and follow company’s torque chart when working on your bike.

Another tip for taking care of your carbon bike is to avoid using grease on any seat tubes or seat posts. This can lead to various problems in the overall functioning of the bike. Take care to park your expensive bike safely in a proper bike stand. Make sure it doesn’t fall or slam into anything leading to unwanted scratches and marks on the frame body. It is good to clean your bike weekly by washing or wiping with a dry cloth. You can safely wash the bike and clean using a brush, sponge and a bucket of warm soapy water. Regular cleaning will avoid accumulation of dirt and other material that stuck while riding in wet areas.

Apart from all the above tips, you should take it for servicing as informed in the manual.

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