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Examining Clay-based Roofs Used by Winston Salem Roofers

by lenorerushford

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If records of the period are accurate, it appears clay tiles were in usage as far back as the early Romans. In the 1600s, the clay tile became the most prominent roofing material in England and the Midlands. Clay-based tile roof coverings are very much in wide use currently and are looked at as one of the greatest roof covering products in the market due to their charm, strength, and uniformity.

Reliable Winston Salem roofers will perhaps advise you that clay-based roofings will normally persist for roughly 60 years or thereabouts, but following the countryside will commonly find you discovering residences with clay-tiled roofing systems that are a number of hundreds of years old. For sure, these residences have withstood many hurricanes and damaging weather. This only proves how tough clay-based tiles are as a roof material.


The manufacture of clay tile roof is fairly simple. To produce clay tile roof covering, clay-based is first extracted from the soil, molded into the wanted design, and then heated in a kiln. The pedigree of the clay is what determines the tile's texture once taken out of the kiln. Color scheme will be determined by the clay, the mix of aggregates, and the length of firing and the temperature in the kiln.


Clay-based roof tiles can be found in a selection of designs consisting of Byzantine, Dutch, French, Roman, and Double Roman. You may additionally locate them in the familiar "barrel" configuration, where each piece can easily interlock with the other. Clay roofing tile may fit around domes or cones and can consist of finials, end tiles, and additional decorative details.


Besides being tough, clay roofing tiles in Salem are fire-resistant and impassable to pests. Roofing a Winston-Salem home with standard clay-based tiles will certainly cost roughly $ 11,900 to $ 21,000. For even more custom colors and forms or complex mountings, the rate will be roughly $ 17,000 to $ 60,000.

Clay-based roofing tiles are lovely roof covering treatments that are brimming with life. You will not have any sort of reason to anticipate them to function poorly as long as they are effectively maintained. Before putting in clay-based roof tiles on your house, look for assistance from professional Lewisville roofers or those close to you. Find out more about clay-based roof covering tiles at


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