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NH7 Pune: Concerts are a lot of fun and frolic

by PreetiJagwani

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Concerts a way for musicians and people to express themselves. Music has gone to a whole different level off late. Some amazing technology and innovations have given birth to some awesome new sounds. A lot of ambiance, electro and other elements have been added to music that didn't exist previously. What started off as simple pop, rock n roll, folk music, has now grown into a monstrosity. With some superb new instruments and technology music has taken a giant leap ahead. With so many concerts happening around the world and with musicians having a respectably large fan following, artists have begun experimenting with their music. Right from the likes of Linkin park to Incubus, bands have continuously changed their sounds time and again. Changing sounds gives the audience a new sense of thrill and excitement. With bands such as Bjork using high end, technologically superior instruments such as the reactable, Incubus and Linkin park using DJ's, music has taken on a whole new meaning.

Throughout the world there are concerts that happen at a regular basis. Concerts that attract more and more crowds every year. Concerts such as Rock in Rio, Donnington festival, Oktoberfest are major concerts that happen across the world on a regular basis. These are large scale concerts that have the best bands playing on the main stage. Every year they attract massive crowds. Music is like a religion at shows like these. You will see people cry, laugh sing along and enjoy to the fullest. It is the most contended feeling in the world. Off late multi-genre festivals have been gaining a lot of popularity. It attracts more masses, since people can see a plethora of artists from different genres perform live. Having to listen to rock music and electronica immediately after that puts the audiences on a different trip altogether. Having to listen to one genre can get quite monotonous. After all variety is the spice of life.

India has its own set of music concerts. Some of the famous ones include The Great Indian October fest, Rock in India, NH7. NH7 that started off as NH7 Pune is now back this year in three different cities. NH7 Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. NH7 Pune unlike other festivals in India was a more multi-genre festival. NH7 Pune was host to a plethora of artists. Right from Metal to rock n roll, Electronic to singer-songwriters, NH7 Pune is a festival that has it all. It was like the Woodstock of India. Multiple stages, multiple artists and people camping the night away. People flocked for NH7 Pune and this year it promises to be bigger and better. With the festival inviting artists from all the world, this is indeed going to be the mother of all music festivals in India. To have a multi-genre concert happening in India is one of the best things to have happened to this country. What was thought to be just another festival in India NH7 Pune turned out to be a beauty of a festival. Attracting crowds from all across the country NH7 made its mark.

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