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Educational classes take place not only in an actual campus,

by rigobertostokes

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Educational classes take place not only in an actual campus, but also in cyberspace. The process of learning through educational materials such as books, lectures, journals, and the like that can be acquired with the help of any electronic media—the Internet, audio or video recording, or television—is called e-learning. As long as the communications systems are functional, the benefits of e-learning can be experienced.

Convenience and flexibility

E-learning is sometimes referred to as the virtual classroom, as it simulates the learning in a physical classroom without the necessity of actually being in it. It transcends physical space and distance, which means you can take courses offered from way across your state, country, continent, or the globe without ever having to leave your seat in front of your computer at home or in the office. Can you get any more convenient than that?

E-learning also accommodates various learning styles. These styles may be auditory or visual. There are recorded lectures and audiobooks for auditory learners, as well as books, ebooks, charts, graphs, moving graphics, videos and webinars for visual learners. In addition, individuals can choose between self-study courses and instructor-taught ones.

Cross-platform aid

The courses made available online can be accessed by almost all web browsers on diverse platforms. These browsers include UNIX, OS/2, Amiga, Mac, and Windows among the others. Authorizing a program to fit into such platforms is no longer necessary.

The “students” have the freedom to select the courses that they prefer. There are vocational courses, degrees, and certificate programs. The AS9100 Handbook, for example, tackles aviation and aerospace. In instances like the source of the electronic learning is based abroad, no separate allocation mechanism is needed. Certain delivery charges apply but there are only few students who do that under specific situations.

Ease of access

Having registered in an e-learning site, any updates from the hosts can easily be accessed. Courses have specific references where the freshest information is available. Visual learners, for example, would benefit immediately from a graphical update on the process mapping course.

In addition, taking again the AS9100 Handbook as an example, an e-learning site is also considered to be a library of some sort, housing almost all kinds of educational books. For more information about e-learning, visit

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