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Zabuton-Designed for Comfortable and Longer Floor Sitting

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“Zabuton” is a sitting cushion evolved in Japan. This cushion is mainly used for sitting on the floor. Some people also use it while sitting on the chair.


In Japan, whenever anybody has to sit on the floor, Zabutons are provided for the sitting comfort. This is 20-30 inches on a side and is several centimeters thick. These have mainly evolved in Japan but now have entered many aspects of the culture.


The different cultures where Zabutons have been used for different purposes are-


  • In Zen meditation practices, individuals sit on zafu placed on zabuton. This is to give better comfort to the knees and the ankles.
  • Zabuton is thrown by the audience in Sumo when they are not satisfied with the fight.
  • Performers do not get up from their zabuton during their skit in Rakugo.
  • In yose, zabutons are provided to comedians as a form of scoring.


Zabutons are like meditation mats which provide ultimate comfort to your ankles, legs, feet, etc. These are now commonly used in Asian countries in regular as well as meditation sittings.


Choosing the perfect size:


These are available in varying sizes. You need to pick a perfect one which gives you maximum comfort. If you are moving for a retreat or local sitting mats, carrying a zabuton with appropriate size is better. If you want more leg room in that, you have to pick a larger mat. Generally, medium sized cushion are the most preferred by meditation halls and temples for longer and better sitting positions.


When you buy a new zabuton, it is very thick and looks extra “poofy”. It is like a giant throw pillow. This can even cause you a bit of uncomfortable feeling but as you will use it regularly, it will compress to about 2 inches. Moreover, it’s thickness will be similar from all sides.


Normally, a zabuton takes around 40 hours of sitting to get into a normal and comfortable position. The cushion is required to be fluffed at regular intervals to maintain its optimal consistency.


It is a perfect piece to experience an all round comfort without wasting resources and money. Moreover, it can be carried to any place wherever you go.


Like Zabuton, there are many other things available in the market to give you maximum comfort while sitting for different activities. These can be backjack chairs, meditation benches, etc.


Backjack chair is another interestingly designed chair to allow a person sit with maximum comfort on the floor. It is a padded chair with back support. There is a belt which is tied around your waist to ensure static position.


Backjack chair is highly preferred by people who suffer from backache as these chairs give them relief.  Even moms also appreciate their designs as they can spend time on floor with their toddlers while watching their activities.


If you have not experienced them yet, you should buy one to experience the ultimate comfort while sitting, playing with your children, meditating, having group chats with your friends and other fun activities on the floor.

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