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Keep your bike safe with good quality bicycle locks

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Bicycles are one of the cheapest ways of traveling and burning calories. They are popular with all age groups as they are light in weight and easy to maintain. There are many types of bikes available in the market. They come with all sorts of modern accessories like helmets, lights, water bottles, speedometers, etc. With the increase in the popularity of bikes, incidents of thefts are also rising. One needs to really take care of his bike by using a good locking system when leaving them anywhere in the public places.

 There are many types of locks available in the market. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials these days. Although no lock is unbreakable, but harder and strong bicycle locks can be a real threat to the thieves. Avoid buying cheap locks as they give less security. You can choose from a huge variety of bike locks like U-locks, cable locks, seat/wheel skewers, chain locks, etc. One should always buy good quality bicycle locks to keep his bike safe from unwanted thefts.


U-locks as the name suggests are ‘U’ shaped locks. They are quite popular and provide great security. They are hard to break and cannot be broken by using hammers, chisels or knives. It is advised to choose an appropriate size of the lock as bigger U size can be difficult to carry. Another type is cable locks. They are also widely used since they are quite adaptable and easy to carry. However, they provide less security as compared to U locks. Many people use them in combination with U locks to provide maximum security to their bicycle. Third type is the chain lock. Here, the size and toughness of the chain is very important. They are also known to provide good security to the bikes. The chains of these locks are made in special chain designs. It is good to buy a strong lock to enhance the security levels with the chain lock. The only problem with them is their weight. They are heavy and not at all handy to carry around. The final type is the seat and wheel skewers. They are popularly used as they are tough and require special types of tools to break open. They are light in weight and easy to carry, but provide less security as compared to U and cable locks.

 In all, whatever type of lock you choose for your bike, it is important to look for the safety factor first. Always invest in good and strong bicycle locks to provide maximum security levels to your bike.

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