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Know All The Details About Laser Tattoo Removal

by anonymous

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Like there are so many tattoo making candidates, there is an equal crowd for tattoo removing people. The decision of tattoo removal can be due to several reasons. It may be possible that you no longer find it cool, you are failing in making a professional image, the tattoo is related to some gang which you no longer exist with. Whatever is the reason if you really want to get it removed a little pain and scarring is not a big deal.


There are particularly several options for tattoo removal. To name a few are-


  • Laser removal
  • Intense pulse light therapy
  • Other medical methods


The most widely among these is the laser tattoo removal. Though, the technique is quite popular but still people are skeptical about the process and have several questions in their mind. This article will help such individuals as I am mentioning answers to their general queries.


How do laser tattoo removal works?


In laser therapy, short pulses of intense light are generated which are passed through the layer of skin. Penetrating the skin, they reach to the tattoo pigment. The energy of these pulses causes fragmentation of tattoo pigments into smaller systems which are then taken out of the body through the body’s immune system. An intense research has been done to determine the wavelength of the laser light so that it could not damage any part of outer skin.


Is there any pain during laser tattoo removal?


Yes, there is pain but definitely less than you bear at the time of getting them. Intense laser pulses cause slight twinges which feel like snapping of thin rubber bands. This pain varies with the color of the tattoo. As black absorbs all kinds of wavelengths, it is the most easiest to remove while in other colors the same thing becomes quite typical.


During preparation of laser therapy, doctors generally use non-aspirin products like Tylenol etc. Sometimes, before the two hours of the treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied on the surface. This cream is then wiped off just before the treatment.


How much time does it take?


The treatment usually takes a few minutes, but this should be repeated a few times. The number of sessions entirely depends on the color and the penetration of the tattoo ink. However, there should be an interval of three weeks between two sessions.


What should I expect after treatment?


Once the doctor is done with the process, he/she will apply an ointment and will do dressing to the area. You should always apply this ointment. Taking a bath the very next day is allowed provided you do not scrub the treated area.


A slight redness and sunburnt feeling may be there but it will fade away with time.


How much does it cost for tattoo removal?


It is true that the laser tattoo elimination process is quite expensive. However, one cannot declare a particular range of the cost incurred. This is because it heavily depends on the color, size, location and number of visits which changes for all tattoos.


I hope the above answers would help you in knowing all about laser therapy used for removing unwanted tattoos. You can also use the same therapy for hair removal, wrinkle reduction, Photofacial and other types of skin treatments.

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